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K O  S  T  E N  L  O  S    D  A  B  E I    S  E I  N

M  I  S  S  I  O  N     Y  O  u

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This community brings people together who want to shape their lives consciously, successfully and happily. We called it "Mission You". "Mission You" because we want to challenge and encourage you to get to know yourself even better, to recognize your true self, your potential and to allow yourself the transformation that will lead you into a fulfilling and irrepressible life. By beginning to live even more consciously, we can not only do something good for ourselves, but we can also express our new self, strengthen the community and make a valuable contribution to a better world. "Mission You" is a haven for everyone who wants a fulfilling life and peaceful coexistence. Join us for free - your first name and email are all you need to register.




  • monthly on oneParticipate in free online mediation, Q&A question time or another online event, who is accompanied by Thomas. You can ask questions live there.

  • youconnect with other members Join the Mission You group, ask questions, post comments and pictures, etc. Similar to a Facebook group, but in a more private and protected setting.

  • even oneSet up a (mini) group. E.g. if you want to continue to accompany and support each other after participating in a workshop. 

  • with another member - e.g. during an online event -chat privately.

But you can also:

  • Edit your profile, upload your picture, customize your name and show or hide your profile in the community.

  • you can decide if younotified by email want to become when you have new followers, posts have been posted in your group, etc. 

  • on your (partially chargeable) courses and bookings access. receive notifications, etc.

It is great that we are working together for a more conscious, peaceful world and that we are lovingly supporting each other.


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It is our vision to contribute to making this world a better place. When we begin to live more consciously, find a balance between the spiritual and material world, connect with our intuition, we create the basis for being balanced, inner calm and content. We then automatically begin to carry these values out into the world. We do not follow any dogmas or predetermined philosophies. We believe that freedom, personal responsibility and individual personal development form the basis for a happy life. We also believe that if we support each other, everyone can reach their individual goal faster and live their calling even more irrepressibly.

It is not our goal to create the largest possible community. We see ourselves as a point of contrast to social media. We want to offer like-minded people a platform where they can exchange information safely - without advertising, regulations and without evaluating their data. 


If you too would like to go your own individual way and be supported by a group of like-minded people, join this community for free.


L  E B  E N  S  G L  Ü  C K

"I did the 7-day course, it helped me a lot. There's something wonderful about your voice and it's a great gift for humanity❤"

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